Over the last four years, Mayor Neugebauer has led many initiatives that are building Green as a community. These new programs bring us together and make our community a safer place to live.

Mayor Neugebauer will continue to bring our community together through innovative programs and volunteer opportunities.

We Expanded Our Community Programs

In 2016 we launched our volunteer initiative, called Project Tangerine, which provides community volunteer opportunities for residents of all ages. In 2017, we started the Student Municipal Representative Program which seats local high schools students on the city council, boards, commissions, and task forces to inspire a future of community involvement. In 2018, we hosted our first Green Community Leadership Initiative class to introduce our community leaders of tomorrow to the history, organizations, and institutions that make Green such a special place. All the while we actively supported Green Good Neighbors and Blessings in a Backpack, organizations that serve the needs of our community.

We Made Our Community Safer

In the past four years, we’ve made significant investments to make our community safer. We increased sheriff patrols by 67% in peak activity periods to reduce crime and to be more visible in our neighborhoods. We provided body cameras to sheriff deputies to build trust. We supported the Green Safer Schools Initiative that provides resource officers in all our schools and collaborated with Green Local Schools to put those resource officers on our streets during school breaks and summer recess.

We also added a new fire engine (tanker/pumper) and two new ambulances to upgrade our emergency fleet. And this year, we will build Fire Station No. 3 to more effectively serve all city residents.

Robert Calderone – Retired Fire Chief
Drew Alexander – Former Summit County Sheriff