As your mayor, Gerard Neugebauer has shown strong leadership in achieving his goals to make our roads safer and developing park and recreational facilities and programs for our residents of all ages.

In the next four years, Mayor Neugebauer will continue to focus on making our roads safer and building a stronger community.

We Made Our Roads Safer

By constructing turn lanes on Massillon Road at Boettler Road and Corporate Woods Circle at Massillon Road, we reduced congestion in the busiest area in the city. We constructed a new roundabout at the intersection of SR 619 and Pickle Road to minimize traffic delays and accidents. By completing the new roundabout at the intersection of Corporate Woods Circle and Corporate Woods Parkway (by Giant Eagle), we will improve traffic and significantly reduce accidents at this busy business district. And this summer, we will build a new roundabout at the intersection of SR 619 and Myersville Road to make this dangerous intersection safer for our residents.

We Expanded Our Parks and Recreation Programs

In 2016, we completed the construction of Central Park which provided a new community space for residents of all ages. We modernized East Liberty Park by adding restroom facilities and purchased Raintree Golf & Event Center as community greenspace. We also acquired 20 acres of land adjacent to Boettler/Southgate Park to provide trail access to the parks from our local neighborhoods.