Four years ago, Mayor Neugebauer shared his vision for the City of Green. He promised to make our community safer, strengthen city finances, and lead innovation in public health and safety.”

In his second term, Mayor Neugebauer will continue to make community safety a priority and will keep our city strong financially.

We Were Innovators in Public Health and Safety

In 2016, we created a Drug Task Force to address the opiate crisis that was impacting many families in our local communities. In 2017, we implemented our Green Outreach (GO) Team, a Quick Response Team to help those in our community struggling with drug or alcohol addiction by offering treatment options, support, and encouragement. In 2019, we started a Community Paramedicine Program that helps our elderly residents stay healthy in their homes and avoid medical emergencies.

We Strengthened City Finances

We have grown our income tax revenues by over 9% while trimming our operating costs, allowing us to heavily invest in our roads and community safety services. We reduced city debt by $13.5 Million in just three years while maintaining a $20 million operating reserve in our General Fund. We also modernized all city computers, servers, and mission-critical software. We accomplished all of this while maintaining a AAA Revenue Bond Rating.

Recently, there has been some misinformation distributed in regards to the Nexus situation. We encourage you to read the real facts regarding this situation.